A definition to start

A stream is a very simple application aimed at automating a targeted marketing action when connected with the relevant dataset.

Our goal is to develop, maintain and operate a multitude of streams for your company, thus bringing Quantum growth to your business.

Our Genesis


We built Quantstreams because we believe
that consumer data is the new fuel for sustainable business growth.


We believe a company is living ecosystem of brands and customers.

Where the efficiency of the interactions between the two parties triggers business growth.

The four tracks to drive sustainable business growth from data

Boost the efficiency of marketing fuel to better convert customer

Grow profit by increasing the share of direct sales (E-Commerce, Boutiques)

Cross-sell brands portfolio to existing customer

Increase market size through innovations appealing to customer

5 paradoxes delaying cutomer driven data management

Companies have a top-down organization

Serving the brands and the product line first, whilst the customer purchases across the lines of businesses.

The CFO, prisoner of the financial markets appraisal

pilots for the quarterly successes of products lines, rather than for a sustainable long term customer value.

As a consequence, NO KPIs are available in the boardroom to measure customer activity:

dashboards only focus on products performance.

Customer data is siloed in every division of the organization,

making the 360° view of the customer almost impossible. 
Even more, customer care centers have often been outsourced, 
thus diminishing brands ability to interact in real time.

I.t. considers managing customer data as a new crm project,

requiring enormous efforts, important investments 
and long term deployment. 
A position that leaves the board skeptical 
about the genuine value of the project.


Leading with 7 convictions

#01 : We don’t believe in big data, We believe in smart data.

At quantstreams, we focus on the only data that has a real value to transform your business: 
the data which is fresh and immediately actionable.

We start with your available fresh data and progressively add more and more data sources as your digital marketing strategy builds up.

#02 : We plug our streams to your existing data infrastructure.

At quantstreams, we focus on the only data that has a real value to transform your business: we do not ask you to build a dmp or a sophisticated consumer data warehouse to start to operate our streams.

We start to operate our streams as soon as we have identified with you the most relevant marketing actions.

#03 : We deliver results every week, even in the first month of operation.

At quantstreams, we contribute to your marketing strategy from day 1 
as we do not need to complete 
any complex i.t. project before we start.

This is the reason why we pride ourselves
 to deliver results to you as we run, 
even if we have just started to operate a week ago.

#04 : We create a specific stream for every marketing action.

At quantstreams, we have no magic box that can perform every form of marketing activity, whoever the customer, whatever the brand, the support, the channel or the context.

We develop and run a specific stream for every marketing action, customized to the brand, the support, the context, and sometimes the customer cluster, so that we can always deliver the best possible results.

#05 : Stream after stream, we deepen your customer understanding, thus boosting your business growth.

At quantstreams, each stream creates for you additional intelligence 
as we do not need to complete 
any complex i.t. project before we start.

Stream after stream, we track your customers’ reactions and update your customer data, so that you can constantly refine your strategy, customer by customer.

#06 : We believe that your most precious asset is 
your customer data.

At quantstreams, we only operate with de-identified data, so that you keep your exclusive privilege to personally address your customers 
on your own terms.

We will never consolidate your own data, even de-identified, 
with any second or third party 
without your written approval.

As a consequence, your first party data will always remain your competitive advantage.

#07 : We deliver as much benefits to your customers as we deliver to your company.

At quantstreams, we feel 
that a sustainable relationship is a relationship that benefits both parties.

We thrive to deliver to your customer the best possible experience of your brand, so that you can become its trusted partner.

We let your customers access 
their own data, 
so that they can always control how you care and respect their privacy.